Why México?

Maquiladora enterprises are allowed to eneter the country duty free

Why is México a good option for me?

For starters, the mexican labor force is amongst the most skilled and productive in the world. In addition, the NAFTA agreement promotes free trade between México and the U.S. by reducing tariffs at the border. Companies that incorporate Mexican subsidiary retain 100% ownership.

Why is Sonora even better for me?

Sonora's geographical location is an advantage over many other states. Sonora also offers a competitive infrastructure and a qualified workforce that makes it the ideal place for industrial investment.

Where is Industrial Park EL RIO located?

Our headquarters reside in Agua Prieta, Sonora, México. With Douglas, Arizona, right across the border, feel secure knowing your investment is just a few miles away from the nearest Interstate highway. We are about two hours away from Tucson, Arizona, and about four hours away from El Paso, Texas.

Everything seems awesome, when can I start operating in your park?

It is our company policy that after we have gone over design plans and special accommodations we receive a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) which states that you are interested in leasing or purchasing land within our property.

How can I contact you?

Our main office situated in Agua Prieta, Sonora, México.
Our office numbers are: +52 (633)-338 5240 or +52 (633)-338 5248. Or you might it easier to send us a message online.